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Peace begins with me

Peace begins with me
how the world I see
and what I choose to be
Peace begins with you
through everything you do
creates a kind of glue

Katherine Li



Impacts of COVID-19 on the Lives and Livelihood of the Female Workers in Bangladeshi Garment Industries

Funded by CTRG, Period: 2021

Nosophobia or Sinophobia

Status: Ongoing Funded by School of Sociology and Ethnology: Yunnan University, Kunming, China, Period: March to December 2020.

Poverty Narratives and Lived Experiences of Urban Poor in the Post-COVID 19 Bangladesh,

Funded by Conference Travel and Research Grants Committee (CTRGC)

Mental Health of Urban Adolescents

December 2020-December 2021. NSU-CTRG grants.

Covid-19 driven Mental Health among the Urban Adolescence

Funded by CTRG, NSU

Working in a Research project

On gender Empowerment, Identity crisis, and Politics of forced migration of Rohingya refugees

Virtual Discussion


The UN in Times of People’s Needs: Rethinking Multilateralism

On 16-17 September, North South University (NSU) Bangladesh and the United Nations (UN) in Bangladesh partnered to co-host an international webinar, “The UN in Times of People’s Needs: Rethinking Multilateralism”. The aim of the webinar was to identify the successes of and challenges faced by the UN since its founding, with a view to draw lessons learned over the last 75 years and provide recommendations on the way forward. In particular, the webinar focused on the achievements of the UN and its Member States in serving people in times of need. The webinar also provided an opportunity for the UN to hear directly from people.

Major Partners