Summary Report of the

National Seminar on “The Role of Bangladesh in Global Peace” to observe the International Day of Peace 2022

CPS Policy brief on Remembrance of Rohingya Genocide- Bangladeshi and International Perspectives

CPS Position Paper and Resolution Paper

Policy Brief on Russia-Ukraine War

CPS Statement on Ukraine Crisis (Bangla)

CPS Statement on Ukraine Crisis

Climate Justice in Bangladesh

Connectivity in the Bay of Bengal Area: Challenges and Options for Bangladesh

Israeli Atrocity Against the Palestinians: Where is the Humanity?

A Roadmap for Sustainable Solutions to the Rohingya Crisis

Based on the outcomes of the events organized by CPS, policy briefs are prepared and shared with the government and other stakeholders. ​

Impacts, Consequences and Response to Covid 19 in Bangladesh

The Rohingya Crisis Western, Asian and Bilateral Perspectives