Certificate Course on

Geopolitics of Peace, Pandemic & Development

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About the Course

The Center for Peace Studies (CPS) under South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG) of North South University is going to organize a 12-week long certificate course titled: Geopolitics of Peace, Pandemic & Development in Asia and Beyond. The course will consist of interactive discussions, field visits and in-class exercises.

The participants will be students, who wish to gain knowledge on Asian development, geopolitics, and economy as part of their academic program, and professionals, (NGO and government officials, business executives, journalists, academicians, diplomats, etc.) who want to expand their knowledge about current global affairs.

Faculty members from North South University, O.P Jindal Global University, specialists from International Organizations and government officials will be the trainers in this course. Certificates will be awarded based on participants’ active participation, regular attendance, and performance.

Course Objectives​

1. Enhancing understanding of peace, development and related ideas in the context of Asia and beyond;

2. Unpacking how the social, economic and technological advancements in Asia are impacting global geopolitics;

3. Tracing and analysing the fallout of COVID-19 and Climate Change on Asian society, economy and its advancements;

4. Better apprehending the complexities of geopolitics and inter-state relations between Asia and the rest of the world and its consequences;

5. Identifying policy options for effectively addressing the challenges of peace and development for Asia and beyond;

6. Better understanding the unsettling situation of smaller powers in Asia like Bangladesh in a post-pandemic world.

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