Impacts, Consequences and Responses to Covid-19 in Bangladesh

Impacts, Consequences and Responses to Covid-19 in Bangladesh

A Human Security Approach

18th June, 2020


Center for Peace Studies (CPS), 

South Asian Institute of Policy and Governance (SIPG)

North South University


Corona virus (Covid-19) is an emerging security threat for humankind. As of 8th May 2020, it has already infected nearly 4 million people, and killed more than 2.7 hundred thousand people across the world. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina has shared her concerns that the country might face famine. Already millions are starving. At the international level, a global united platform is not clearly visible to fight against Covid-19. The role of the World Health Organization (WHO) is already criticized by the U.S and its allies. The tug of war between the two super powers, the U.S. and China, about the origin of Covid-19 is being witnessed. Under this situation, what would be the geo-politics in the region in the coming days? 

Under this circumstance, the Center for Peace Studies (CPS) has organized a virtual conference titled “Impacts, Consequences and Responses to Covid-19 in Bangladesh: A Human Security Approach.”  The purpose of the conference was to identify the drivers of the insecurities affecting human life, and analyze the consequences and responses at the government level, the international level and civil society/NGOs level to mitigate those insecurities. Based on the findings, CPS has provided concrete policy recommendations to the concerned ministries/departments to tackle the insecurities/challenges in an integrated manner