Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

International Migration in the wake of Covid-19 and Bangladesh

 PI: Amb. Shahidul Haque, Professorial Fellow, SIPG, NSU & Co-PI:Shahreen Munir, IOM

  The study aims to look into the impact of COVID-19 on migration and focus on the national migration context. The study will analyze the effect of the pandemic on the socio-economic dynamics of migrants and their families and delve into broader aspects of migration data, human rights and migrants’ vulnerabilities, gender aspects and so on. It also aims to suggest ways and means to better govern migration in Bangladesh.


The Humane yet Ambivalent Attitude Towards Refugees: A Potential Threat to Peace

 PI: Dr. Md. Rizwanul Islam, Member, CPS

  This paper would demonstrate how such an absence of law and policy is helping neither the Rohingyas living in the camps nor the Government of Bangladesh.


The Loss of Intangible Cultural Heritage and its Impact on Identity of the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

 PI: Dr. Bulbul Siddiqi, Member, CPS & Co-PI: Dr. Ishrat Zakia Sultana, Member, CPS

  The research seeks to examine the following objectives: How does various intangible cultural heritage help to construct and maintain the Rohingya identity in the past? In what ways the creation and manifestation of the intangible cultural heritage have been threatened? iii. How does the loss of such heritage create an identity crisis among the Rohingya?


Nobody can see us’- an investigation/understanding of young adults’ perspective about the cyber world in Bangladesh

 PI: Dr. A. Wohab, Coordinator, CPS & Co-PI: Dr. Nova Ahmed, Member, CPS

  The overall objective of this research is to deal with the idea of how technology can facilitate and impact Peace in the young adults/youth population living in Bangladesh. And to find out the perspectives and perceptions of young adults about the cyberworld particularly their own perceptions/understanding about the cyberworld.


When R2P meets geopolitics: The Challenges of engaging international society in the Rohingya crisis

 PI: Dr. Raymond Kwun Sun Lau, Member, CPS

  The objectives of this research are to understand the principal obstacles to (what prevents) a consistent and effective international response to the Rohingya crisis since 2017, and to make better use of international protection and punishment efforts to address genocide and mass atrocities in the Rohingya crisis.


“For the Sake of Justice Due”: Debating Law and Morality in Justice Radhabinod Pal’s Dissent in the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal

 PI: Professor Norman K. Swazo, Member, CPS